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To anyone (who isnt already on my friends list...) who's graduated over the past couple of days - Congratulations!

For anyone who'll be graduating in the next couple of years, when your time comes, dont get stressed about it. It's probably a bit redundent to say it, as no doubt you'll get nervous over it anyway, but it's really nothing to get worry about. It's really straight forward, despite how daughting it might seem at the time - there's lots of people about to show you what to do and where to go, and the whole process on the day is much simplier than you'd expect. Not that you want to think about uni too much now, during the summer :)
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I'm new to this community.
Since you obviously have been through this, I was just wondering when I'll find out what date my graduation will be? I'm starting my last year this fall, guess I'm already focusing on the end, heh.
If the dates are the same as least year, it'll be either July 21st or 22nd, or somewhere close enough to that. The information becomes available after the easter break - you pick up a pack with all the details you need from the college reception, and big posters go up everywhere telling you when they're ready for collection.
Thank you for the help.

On this site:

it says:
Graduation Ceremony 2005

Graduation Ceremony 2006 - Please note ceremony dates are:-

Spring Award Ceremony - Wednesday 8 March 2006 - Digby Stuart Chapel

Summer Degree Conferment - Thursday 27 July 2006 - Westminster Central Hall, London

would that mean that my graduation is Thurs 27th, or was that the one this summer?