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With a week before our new contract starts, one of my housemates has seen fit to flee and left us in crisis. We're getting a bit desperate for someone new so if you need anyone to live with or know someone who needs anyone to live with, please either pass this on or let me know.

Desperately need a housemate to live with three third year students- house is on Huntingfield Road (approximately 2mins walk from Mama's Pizza, really nice area), with offroad parking, front and back gardens, double glazing, washer/dryer, DVD/video/Freeview and wireless internet.

Room itself is largish, could fit a double bed although there isn't one in there (single has a new mattress though), with dressing table/desk/shelves/wardrobe/etc. It is on the ground floor. Housemates are not all clubby-clubby-clubby (teacher, dancer, film student) and are fairly tidy and generally quite charming.

Rent is £335 pcm, bills not included. Well worth it. Contact absolutelyflabbergasted@gmail.com
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