Rachel (insanexflame) wrote in roehampton,

anyone out there?

I don't know if anyone keeps up with this community anymore, but in case anyone does, I have some questions about the school from an international perspective. I've been accepted to study abroad at Roehampton next year, and I need to be really, really sure that this is what I want. the whole process is making me incredibly nervous. can anyone who's studied here tell me what it's like?

as far as the school is concerned, how big are classes? how easy is it to adjust to the different way that they're run in England? did you feel like you learned as well as you do here [or better]?

what sort of people can I expect to meet at Roehampton? I go to a really quirky, small school full of eccentric people who were never quite "in" in high school, and I love it, but I worry about going elsewhere. was it easy to make friends? did you mostly make acquaintances, or actual close friends?

how easy is it to get into the city from Roehampton? can I walk to the tube station easily? how easy is it to get to a grocery store?

and about the experience of studying abroad in general, I guess I'd like to know everything you can tell me. I'm really nervous about going, and it's also an expensive prospect, so I really want to be sure about it. what did you gain from it, really? was it a pleasant experience, or more of one that's good for you but grueling at the time?

thanks to anyone who reads and responds to that whole spiel =)
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